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Former Location
801 East Avenue, in the North Valley Plaza

Former Owners

John & Clover Beezer

Business Lifespan
1969 - 1984

Jax Music Box was a music store in the North Valley Plaza in North Chico. It was located at the west end of the mall, near JC Penney. They had a large selection of Vynal 33 1/3 albums and 45s (you could also buy those little plastic adapters to play 45s on your turntable), and cassette and 8-track tapes. There was a glass display case with accessories for storage and cleaning albums, Custom artwork and Tie Dye clothing, as well as patches and incense.  A cabinet of "head shop" items, such as pipes, bongs, and rolling papers for sale. You could buy posters as well ($1.00 for B/W and $2.00 for color ones), and they had a small room where their blacklight posters were displayed.  Posters were hung across the ceiling on wires. The Name was changed To Jax Music, in the 70's. The entire chain of stores in order of opening is  Chico, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Oakland, Redding, Eureka, Orange county, Red Bluff,,.  

     The Store's original design was created by John Beezer and was built by family members. Garry, Robert Jr. And Robert Sr. 'robbie' Darms were employed to assist in many support roles to help expand and manage the business.  Industry professionals provided fixtures and equipment, The store even would play songs requested by customers.  We had a couch for a listening area.  In the 70's the business was remodeled, and the small room was eliminated, and an entire redesign of sales.  A large circular Glass and Redwood counter was installed and most music was offered by sales associates for customers to examine before purchase. 

     The Entire store was remodeled a third time and the redesign centered upon customers being able to examine products without a sales associate by installing the sensormatic sensors at the door, Which helped to protect music was used. 

     I am the owners son, and I'm editing this entry.  Jax Music is a place where locals could get a car stereo installed, or an 8 track or cassette tape actually repaired.  Our goals were customer service and prices always lower than local stores, with a deeper representation of the available catalog. "Deal with the pro's" was our motto printed on our uniform shirts.  The Owner John was awarded several marketing and sales awards in billboard magazine.  In store events in the Bay Area stores even included a Jackson 5 in store appearance.


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Opened by my father John Beezer, and managed by Robert Sr. "robbie" and Willie Darms for a 4 year time.  Editors note...   The darms family did  not open this store.  They were given management positions and soon left the operation to persue other careers.  My sister is Willie Darms, and she and her husband left the business in the mid 70's. The entire chain of stores in order of opening is  Chico, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Oakland, Redding, Eureka, Orange county, Red Bluff,,. Our Family, the Beezer family Returned to Chico to expand and develop the business.  I enjoyed working with my dad and mom a great deal!  The entire experience of being involved in the music business in las vegas, and Chico has made me proud of the community I live in, and glad to have had the support and love from many who remember our "little store".