DJ Foxy Jeff (Programming Director)

KCSC (not FCC sanctioned)
Studio: Chico State Campus, BMU 006
Transmitter: The Internet
Transmitter Power
Up to 100 streams
(530) 898-6229 Business
(530) 898-6228 Studio
Parent Company
Chico State Associated Students
Web Site

One of the area Radio Stations, sort of. KCSC is the student-owned and student-operated broadcasting outlet of Chico State's Associated Students. KCSC has a long and storied history beginning in 1951 as a part-time radio drama and news outlet broadcast on public address system. In the intervening years, it has been an AM carrier current station, leaky-cable FM, Cable TV-FM for 25 years, and since 1999 has become an Internet-only radio station.

Besides being the birthplace of Rock'n'Roll radio in Chico during the sixties, KCSC has also been the first station to broadcast other alternative forms such as punk, hip-hop, and electronic music. KCSC was voted best College Radio Station in the US by in the special College Music Report pull-out section of the November 1990 issue of SPIN magazine Notice that they misspelled "KCSC" as "KSCS."

In 2007, College Music Journal nominated KCSC as one of the five best student-owned internet radio stations in the nation.

In 2000, the Associated Students submitted an application to obtain a low-power non-commerical FM radio broadcasting license to the Federal Communications Commission. After Congress changed the LPFM law in response to heavy lobbying by heavyweight industry groups, a rule change disqualified KCSC's application because it was too close to adjacent radio signals.

In 2007, the Associated Students submitted an application to obtain a full-power non-commercial FM radio broadcasting license to the Federal Communications Commission during its brief application window. In January, 2010, the FCC dismissed this application due to a technical flaw.


2011-10-15 07:42:46   what is the source of the claim that KCSC was voted best college radio station in Spin in 1987? i've looked through every issue of the magazine that year and found nothing. —