Little Chico Creek as it flows along Humboldt Road across from the Chico Police Station West of Chestnut Street

According to USGS maps, Little Chico Creek is a perennial stream from the foothills to somewhere just past the tracks, where it becomes seasonal — the water likely infiltrates into the ground by summer. It is easily seen from where Dayton Road begins or on Highway 99 just before entering the city's core, prior to the Chester/Orland exit when going north-bound. There is a greenway with a path that follows Humboldt Road and then diverges under the highway underpass to a parking area on Humboldt Avenue. It's full of trees and takes a sinuous path. This same path provides access to a footbridge over the creek that goes into a residential area.

Dead Horse slough is a tributary of Little Chico Creek.

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2011-08-16 20:45:15   wow —

2011-08-16 20:46:12   wow i live in chico and go to little chico creek school im in 6th grade


2012-07-07 21:41:45   Just saw a river otter in little Chico creek right beside the Olive St. Footbridge.