Lyon Books

121 W. 5th Street, Chico, CA 95928
across from City Plaza
Monday–Saturday 9:00–8:00
Sunday 10:00–6:00
Open til 9 on Farmer’s Market and Plaza Concert nights
Heather Lyon
Payment Method
Cash, Charge, checks, or bring your used books in for store credit

Lyon Books is a locally owned bookstore is in an ideal location for anyone who is looking for a break from the crowds at the Thursday Night Farmer's Market or Friday Night Concerts because of their proximity to the City Plaza. They carry both new and used books and are always eager to help their customers. On occasion they have poetry, book readings, and author signings. Book fanatics may very well find a group to join to discuss readings.

If you don't want to have to park downtown and deal with all the hassles of leaving home, but still like to support local business, they have an online shopping option on their website.

New mural in 2009 for Lyon Books!


2009-04-24 22:12:54   First of all, great store. I always come here to buy books for other people to avoid ordering online. Support your local bookstore!! Second of all, the photo I took of the mural came out spectacularly. —RyanMikulovsky