Map of Chico urban area, 1978, on USGS 7.5x7.5 minute topographic map. Data from the California Spatial Information Library. The following pages have editor created maps of Chico and surrounding areas. Maps of Chico and surroundings can be created using a variety of resources and tools.

If you adapt a previously made map, please say so and cite the source. Always cite data sources that appear on maps. Finally, use "STANDD" if at all possible. That is, put Scale, Title, Author, North Arrow, Date, and Datum on maps to help make them more readable and understandable from an outside context. If you're a pro at categorizing maps in a reasonable way, please, by all means, reorganize this jumbled up page. If you are looking for the most detailed map of Chico, with parcels, zoning, etcetera you will want to look at the City of Chico GIS Web (link may not work for Firefox). You may suggest new maps at the bottom of this page.

Available Maps

Bicycle Rides

See also Bicycle Rides. If you'd like to see a bicycle route mapped on Chico Wiki, please describe it on on that page.

Aerial or Satellite


  • Chico - 7.5x7.5 minute USGS topographic map for most of Chico in 1978
  • Swimming holes and parking areas in Upper Bidwell Park (from Bear Hole to Brown's Hole)

Wild Fires

See also Wild Fires.



Needed Maps

If you're familiar with QGIS (or want to be!) or other GIS software, the following are examples of maps that the wiki needs. Remember to cite all data resources.

Looks like somebody already tracked most of the trails for the Open Street Map project. Lacks the north rim but I think that can be digitized off of USGS topographic maps. Exciting stuff.RyanMikulovsky

Do you have a suggestion for a map? Or other comments?