Middle Trail is one of the major trails in Upper Bidwell Park frequented by mountain bike riders looking for more than just a basic trail ride as can be found on Lower Trail. Middle Trail is going to be challenging for beginners but it is do-able. It begins close to Upper Park's main entrance. At the half mile mark the trail passes the Cross that marks the start of North Rim Trail. It traverses the middle of the canyon's north wall and initially is generally rated an easy trail ride though it is a single track. Shortly after passing Maidu Trail on your left (which climbs up the canyon and joins with North Rim Trail) and Horseshoe Lake on your right, the trail forks to you right with the left-hand fork marking the beginning of Upper Trail.

About a mile later the trail transitions from easy to moderate technical riding til you pass Bear Hole down on your right and then back to intermediate just above Salmon Hole. The trail continues up the canyon till it ends when it meets up with B Trail. In total Middle Trail provides enjoyable views and technical challenges for the beginner to intermediate along its 4.5 mile length.

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