The bands and musicians that make up Chico's music scene are extraordinarily diverse and fit very well with the city's art culture. Ranging from jazz to indie pop to techno to punk to heavy metal and avant garde, There is no shortage of creativity, or concerts for that matter. This small city is lucky to have such talented musicianship in a population of just over 100,000. The free Events Board might have listings for bands playing in the near future. It's very easy to use. You might also try (As of 2022 The Chico A.R.T Collective, ran by Fox E. Jeff, is the main source for archived footage and booking queries).

Chico Wiki has quite an extensive list of bands and musicians in Chico but please add any bands you know that are missing from the list to help make it more complete. And if you're in a band or know about a band on the list that hasn't been written about, please take a moment to help spread the word by creating and filling in that page. If you'd like to work off of an example band page, take a look at Candy Apple or The Makai.

Local Musicians and Bands





Hard Rock/Metal

Hip Hop/Rap



The Miami Rogue Roosters






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Former Local Bands

Some bands, despite their greatness, are no longer with us. This does not mean that they don't deserve a little love from the Chico Wiki!

Dog Vomit (all women)


Record Labels

Events and Symphonies

Also see Chico Traditions or Regular Events.