The Nome Cult Trail is a historic trail located in present-day Mendocino National Forest which goes along Round Valley Road, through Rocky Ridge and the Sacramento Valley. It is also known as the Koncow Trail of Tears. On August 28, 1863 all Konkow Maidu were to be at the Bidwell Ranch to be taken to the Round Valley Reservation at Covelo in Mendocino County. Any Native Americans remaining in the area were to be shot. 435 Maidu were rounded up and marched under guard west out of the Sacramento Valley and through to the Coastal Range. 461 Indians started the trek, 277 finished. They reached Round Valley on September 18, 1863.

The Nome Cult Walk is a 100 mile annual walk to raise awareness of this march and honor ancestors of Native Americans. It begins at Irvine Finch Park (Glenn County) and ends in Covelo (Mendocino County) taking walkers through the Mendocino National Forest. The 2008 walk began on September 7th.

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2010-05-27 16:45:02   this year the nome cult walk is putting on a gathering in aug. on 21&22 there will flyers out soon so please look for them an attend are 1st annul gathering see you soon —

2010-08-13 10:57:21   This liz from Palermo..mountain maidu...looking to see when the date is for this years 2010 march will start. —