Nord is a tiny unincorporated community northwest of Chico that can be reached a few different ways, none of them faster then the other. Coming South (say from Red Bluff), one can turn onto the Hamilton Nord Cana Highway, which drives straight through the center of the town. This Highway also connects to Highway 32, which coming from Chico or Orland is another alternative. Last but not least, Nord Highway, which can be caught from the Esplanade near Degarmo Park.

Nord is also listed as a Ghost Town on the site Though many will not accept this as the town is still occupied, the submitter of this information had this to say about the town: "The "town" died, although the homes are still occupied, when automobiles allowed locals to drive into Chico to shop."

The town and surrounding area, like many in this area, have a decent number of Geocaches in and around it, some of which are at or near the older (now empty) buildings that used to make up the town. A word of warning though, to those caching, or just visiting: the current residents, at least some of them, have acted in a somewhat hostile manner to people not from the area, so please be cautious and respectful whilst there.

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