Paradise, elevation ranges from around 1,500ft to 2,300ft, had a population of 26,408 when the 2000 U.S. Census was conducted. It is in close proximity to Chico, Magalia, and Oroville. Paradise use to be known as a major retirement community, however it now serves as a suburb to Chico for those residents who prefer cooler temperatures and cleaner air. The Town is situated on a ridge between two canyons; Butte Creek Canyon to the northwest and the west branch of the Feather River Canyon to the southeast. The Town is served by the Paradise Unified School District and well as the Paradise Recreation and Park District. Major roads leading into Paradise are the Skyway (from Chico) and Clark Road (from Oroville).  Above Paradise is the unincorporated community of Magalia.  Together, the area is refered to locally as "The Ridge"

Some people find it unusual that as one drives on the Skyway, the soil turns into a bright red — it's clay, chemically weathered from feldspars, and loaded with hematite (iron). Oxidation occurs at a greater rate around Paradise because it receives over twice the precipitation of Chico. During the winter, when it's raining in Chico, it may well be snowing in Paradise. Also, when the winter valley fog settles in Chico, it is often sunny and warm in Paradise due to the valley inversion.

In June, 2008, the Humboldt Fire burned areas of lower Paradise and caused evacuations of large portions of the community. Dozens of houses were destroyed before the fire was brought into full containment several days after it started. For more information about the fire, including a detailed chronology, please see the Humboldt Fire entry.

On November 8, 2018, the Camp Fire burned around 150,000 acres in Butte County, devastating the infrastructure of the town of Paradise and surrounding communities including Concow, Magalia, Yankee Hill, Pulga, and parts of Cherokee among others.  At least 85 people died that day, 50,000 were displaced.  The fire destroyed almost 19,000 structure, more than 14,000 of those homes.  The Camp Fire was was costliest and most destructive wildfire in California state history. 

Paradise is the largest city in California not served by a sewer system.  The entire town, along with the community of Magalia, are all on septic tanks.

If you're traveling through or visiting Paradise, here's a list of places to have a meal or drink.

Places to Eat

  • Smokey Mountain Steak House
  • Happy Garden
  • Sophia's Thai Cusine
  • Barney O'Rourke's
  • Casa de Paradiso
  • Moongate
  • Black Bear Diner
  • Debbie's Restaurant
  • Izzy's Burger Spa
  • Chin Dynasty
  • Celestino's Pizza
  • Ikkyu Japanese Restaurant

Places to Drink



Paradise enjoys some the the nicest parks in Butte County. Bille Park, at the end of Bille Road, offers hiking, picnicing, horseshoes and more. It is also a destination wedding location. Other parks include Aquatic Park and the Terry Ashe Recreation Center. Moore Road Ballfieds, the Dog Park and the Horse arena can be found off Forest Service Road.  From mid-November to mid-January, an ice rink is set up at the Terry Ashe Recreation Center. 



Drug Stores

  • Walgreens
  • Rite Aid
  • CVS
  • Cobblestone Pharmacy

Antique Stores

  • Attic Treasures
  • Aunt Mabel's General Store
  • Bainbridge Antiques
  • Skyway Antique Mall
  • Treasures From Paradise

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