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Pedicabs are human-powered taxis with a bench at the rear where two additional people can sit. They tend to operate when the weather is warmer — from Spring to late Fall — in the Downtown and South Campus Neighborhood areas. They're very much known for flooding local streets with rock music and going out of their way to ask if you need a ride. There has been several incidents in Chico of cars versus pedicabs and pedestrians versus pedicabs. Pedicabs must be licensed as a business to operate in Chico and are under near constant scrutiny because of accidents and, perhaps, loud music. They should always be insured.

On March 4, 2008, the City Council (Ann Schwab disqualified due to her bicycle business) voted no on a motion brought forth by Steve Bertagna and Larry Wahl to not regulate Pedicabs. Bertagna and Wahl were the only ayes. However, the council did unanimously vote for the city or a volunteer group to "develop a brochure containing information on bicycle safety, equipment, and noise regulations".1


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