"Physical Science Building","39.731094","-121.843352" houses the Chemistry Department, Geology & Environmental Sciences Department, and Physics Department (among others?). It has a hidden courtyard in the middle of the complex.

On September 15th, 2008, a Monday, the Physical Science building was evacuated because a general geology experiment triggered fire alarms. The professor, Misty Smith, had employed new hotplates to heat wax. The wax caught on fire which caused fumes to diffuse into the ventilation systems which were said to be strong smelling and potentially hazardous The professor told the Chico ER that the new plates heated the wax far faster than the older equipment she used to use.1 Misty Smith appears to be relatively new to Chico State as she is not on the faculty page for the Geology department nor CSUC's directory.

Chico's own corpse flower, Amorphophallus titanum, can be found at the north end of the Physical Science Building.


1. Chico State Physical Science Building evacuated, Chico ER, 9/15/2008