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Paradise, CA
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Bill & Rebecca Goldsmith
February 2000
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Radio Paradise, based in Paradise, is one of the few Internet radio stations that completely lack advertisements and offers quite an eclectic assortment of music from around the world. They're particularly known for some of the most unusual yet amazingly smooth segues in the industry. In fact, there is no "random" button — all music is arranged purposefully by Bill and Rebecca Goldsmith (see bio), the station's owners.1 The duo sometimes find new and unusual bands that may end up with a ton of airplay. In mid-2008, they introduced Dengue Fever, a band that seemed to stretched the limits of some Radio Paradise listeners. By late-2008, the Fleet Foxes were also given considerable air-time. Stream formats including MP3, RealAudio, Window's Media Audio (WMA), and AAC+. Streams go up to 320kbps.

In early 2007, Bill Goldsmith traveled to Washington D.C. to help put pressure on the nation's representatives and the SoundExchange due to a revised fee schedule that would have severely undermined the station's unique business model. An industry-wide compromise was reached and Radio Paradise is so far unscathed. (Need to expand on this a little more and include links for further reading)

The station is supported entirely by listener donations and as affiliate partners with stores such as Amazon. To help boost support contests for prizes are held regularly. Anyone can enter the drawing by making a donation or sending an E-mail. High-tech gadgets are most often up for grabs, but one of the most popular events is a vacation giveaway to the Cashew Hill Jungle Lodge at Puerto Viejo in Costa Rica.


2008-11-25 11:00:45   Sometimes I forget that I'm listening to Radio Paradise and that instead I am listening to my own collection (and vice versa). They're THAT eclectic. Well, in truth, they are even more than my collection. But their music is, 95.1% of the time, really great. However, I habitually rate down Pearl Jam to "Sucko-barfo". —RyanMikulovsky


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