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Former Location
West First Street at the Railroad Tracks
Former Owners
Paul Fiack, Scott Huber, Donn Marshall, Shawn McGinley
Business Lifespan

Reddengray Pub was conceived of and created by Scott Huber, Shawn McGinley (then Huber) and Donn Marshall, based on the two men's experiences with Rugby Club Pubs in New Zealand, where they had both played on Rugby Tours. The interior was built and decorated by Donn Marshall and his construction friends, Shawn was the bookkeeper and Scott Managed the bar, which opened New Year's day 1984. Reddengray was an instant hit and was one of Chico's most popular bars through when the trio sold it in 1987 to Paul Fiack. Paul continued to operate it as comfortable neighborhood bar until it was burned down by a disgruntled patron in 1997.

The Reddengrey was an English styled pub that served traditional English fare located at the railroad tracks on W. First Street. The bar had approximately 75-100 beers available and patrons that drank all of the beers received a t-shirt and had their names placed onto a "wall of fame". It was the first Chico bar to feature many foreign beers on tap, and the first to pour draft Sierra Nevada Porter. The business was destroyed by an arson fire in the Spring of 1997 after Will Fiack called a Mexican-American student a "Beaner." When Will was questioned, he replied "If I did, I did." The location is now a parking lot owned by Chico State.