Renting a house or apartment is a part of life for many, especially in a college community where home ownership isn't common among students. Knowing where to find information about rentals makes that process much easier. Here are some resources to help you find that ideal place to rent if you don't own a home. This guide should eventually look like Davis Wiki's Rental Housing Guide but tailored for Chico.

Pre-Search Planning

First of all, you should think about your particular style of living. Do you prefer to be near all the students or in a more family oriented neighborhood? Do you need to bike or walk everywhere? Are you financially able to live by yourself or must you have roommates? Once you've figured out these basic details, you can then begin to think about the various houses and apartments for rent in Chico.

  • Determine if you are eligible for low-income housing and utilities. There may be some red-tape, so get a start on this soon as possible.
  • If you have friends in Chico, talk to them to find out where they have had good experiences. Not all property management services are created equal.
  • Make a list of all the apartments or homes that you wish to check out. Be sure to leave room for notes.
  • Call those apartments and ask all the questions you can muster. Be specific and take note of costs and what they include within rent. This is a great time to schedule appointments for tours.
  • And when you tour, take more notes! Bring a camera and grab as much reading material as you can. If you're not good at asking questions, bring someone that is.
  • Always have an eye for detail.

Searching for Housing

There are a great number of Property Management companies in Chico — each with their own characteristics that may fit your lifestyle. The trick, of course, is trying to find the right place to rent with so many options. These Property Management services begin to request applications and the intentions of their current renters by February. Students are well advised to begin their hunt for housing around this time else they may end up in a less than preferred apartment or location. In fact, most homes with rooms for rent in the neighborhood directly south of Chico State are generally taken by the end of March. Apartments take a few months longer, perhaps through August, though pickings become rather slim.



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Houses and Duplexes

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Mobile Home Parks

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University & Community College Services

Additional Resources

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