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Chico is the location of the homes (also called residences) of people who call themselves Chicoans. The General Plan has designated that certain areas of the city are to be residential zones. These areas are called neighborhoods. There are several different types of residential zone, and there may be more than one type within a neighborhood. There are also many types of residential uses which may be permitted in residential zones. For many of them, there are terms, limitations and conditions.

Chico has many property owners, property management companies and a lot of renters. The North Valley Property Owners Association is a non-profit organization whose charge it is to further the interests of homeowners. Some homeowners may belong to neighborhood homeowners association of which there are several. If you are a renter, may need to go to CLIC to protect and further your interests as a renter.

Historically, the first residential area of the city was the South Campus Neighborhood. It is host to many very old houses which have contributed to the area being named to the National Register of Historic Places as a historic district.

The Rental Housing Guide and the Real Estate Directory are intended to provide for all residential activity in Chico. If you are adding a property to Chico Wiki, be sure to add it to at least one of these directories.

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