1290 West Sacramento Avenue
Property Owner
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Property Management
Watts Properties
Office Hours
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(530) 343-7724

River Oaks Apartments are apartments on West Sacramento Avenue.

To learn more about rental housing in Chico, check out our Housing Guide as well as our Apartments pages.

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2009-06-21 13:16:15   Horrible apartments and extremely rude management. Not willing to fix anything and extremely old and run down. —

2009-08-22 14:14:12   Do not live here. The owners are not friendly and they are not willing to fix any problems. Everything is 30 years old. They will not give you your deposit back. Out of a $975 dollar deposit we did not even get $100 back for a very clean apartment. Very rude and unreasonable management. —

2010-05-14 21:52:43   I am currently living in these apartments and I am completely miserable. Rent may be cheap, but the apartments are disgusting and rundown. Management is rude and unhelpful. I have a very clean apartment and still get cockroaches all the time. Management refuses to get an exterminator. The showers are moldy and everything is very old. They have not updated since they built them. Carpets are disgusting with huge stains everywhere and the appliances are rusting and don't work anymore. DO NOT LIVE IN THESE APARTMENTS!! Me and my roommates are moving out as soon as possible. —

2011-07-09 23:58:10   My brother lived in these apartments and he really liked them. —

2011-07-16 11:44:52   I just rented one of these apartments and they are so clean, they are privatley owned by a very nice couple, and my friends say they have never had a problem with living there. It's a nice location too. —

2011-07-21 16:51:28   These apartments are SO NICE and they are not old, I don't know why people put information on this site that is NOT TRUE ! These apartments are so clean and on the nice side of town, near the college. You must see these apartments to JUDGE FOR YOURSELF. I know someone who put a nice comment on this site about these apartments and someone took it off...what is wrong with people!!!! The Landlords are really nice too...I'd rent here again !!!