Also see Upper Bidwell Park for a map over-viewing most swimming holes and parking areas.

Salmon Hole is a swimming hole in Upper Bidwell Park. It is a little more difficult to get to than, for example, Bear Hole, so potential swimmers beware: clothing may be optional. There are also underwater tunnels to swim through in this part of the park, and locals who know the area are usually eager to show newcomers.  However it should be noted that these tunnels are responsible for the majority of drowning deaths in the park. The area is just as rocky as the others though the Big Chico Creek canyon is steeper here. It is east of parking area N. 

Back in the 70's, a tilted sycamore tree arched over the main pool and supported a wicked rope swing.  A spring storm ultimately took out the tree. 

The tree at Salmon Hole was actually taken out when a group of five frat boys ignored the warning given them (by me) that the sycamore tree beloved by locals for decades was in a weakened condition due to a crack that was developing in a lengthwise manner in the lower tree trunk. Four of them climbed into the upper reaches of the tree to watch the fifth use the tree swing. As the rope swing took the full weight of the person the tree gave way with a sickening crack and fell into Salmon Hole with the four frat boys aboard. Although no-one was seriously injured the tree was gone. It still hurts to write about this.