146 W East Avenue
Directly across from Raley's
(530) 343-3434
Manager: George Zepeda
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Save Mart was previously an Albertsons. Albertsons sold all of their Northern California stores to the family owned Modesto based grocery chain called Save Mart. The nearly seamless switch occurred mid 2007 — they were closed just for a day. Save Mart has just about everything you'd expect at a neighborhood grocery store: butcher, fruits and vegetables, frozen and canned foods, ethnic foods, toiletries, and gift cards. Unlike most chain stores, they have optional self-checkout and a pharmacy and an in-store Tri Counties Bank. As with all Californian markets, they have plastic bag recycling but also sell very cheap but sturdy and reusable plastic bags (or, if you prefer, bring your own such as a ChicoBag). If you reuse the bags, they'll credit you a nickel for each bag you reuse.

Speaking of ChicoBags, Save Mart (at least the one on East Ave) has been endeavoring to sell more local products. Sightings have included wine from LaRocca Vineyards and Casa Lupe salsa.

This Save Mart had a licensed Starbucks up until the middle of April, 2008. The license at this store and others across Northern California were not renewed by Starbucks. The store now serves Pacific Coast Cafe Coffee at the deli.

On Saturdays and Sundays (perhaps during the weekdays too?), beginning around 11am or noon, the store has an outdoor barbecue.

Save Mart's store brand of milk called Sunnyside Farms does not use the artificial Bovine Growth Hormone. Coincidentally, Raley's and Save Mart share a distribution center and they both carry Sunnyside Farms milk. They are separate companies but partnered together to share the same warehouse.

There is also a Coinstar at this location. The Coinstar machine accepts your coins and gives you the option to redeem them in the form of gift cards or e-certificates for free. The machine offers gift cards to Starbucks, Borders, and Old Navy. The e-certificates include Amazon.com, iTunes, JC Penney, Overstock.com, Lowes, and Eddie Bauer. FoodMaxx also has a Coinstar. Raley's has a coinstar but it does not provide gift cards.

FoodMaxx, on the other side of town, is owned by the same corporation (Save Mart).

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2008-04-21 12:11:25   No longer has a starbucks. only brews fresh coffee. —

2008-04-21 13:03:52   Hmm, I'm surprised I didn't notice that during my last trip to the store — I've read about this recent trend, though. Thanks. —RyanMikulovsky

2011-09-21 20:39:39   bald black guy that works there is a jerk —