Mural of Robin Hood on the old Sherwood Forest building

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Former Location
330 Main Street
Currently Campus Bicycles
Business Lifespan
Closed in 1997

Sherwood Forest was a downtown toy store that carried a wide selection of toys for kids of all ages. They had all sorts of interesting toys, including assorted remote-controlled vehicles, stuffed animals, and other interesting/unusual choices. It was a fun store to walk through and dream of all the things you'd love to have, and even more fun when you could actually purchase those things!

It was located on the northwest corner of Fourth and Main in the former location of the Park Hotel, currently occupied by Campus Bicycle. There is still a mural of Robin Hood on the side of the building (facing 4th Street). This is not only a throwback to Sherwood Forest itself, but also likely due to the fact that the old Errol Flynn Robin Hood movie from 1938 was filmed in our very own Bidwell Park.


2010-04-02 16:00:28   just saw a commercial for it on youtube from 1988 and decided to look it up. im sad to hear it closed :( —

2012-03-17 12:35:23   OMG! That store closed? No way! That was a very good store. It couldn't have closed. It's in a good location to generate a lot of foot and now that Chico has the downtown parking garage that should've helped even more in parking in the rain!

I remember there was sort of a maze layout where you go in one entrance and walked around through several rooms to eventually the other side and there was an upstairs but I cannot remember what was up there! I know somewhere there was a model railroad in there that was cool to look at. —