Locations Phone
2485 Notre Dame Blvd, Ste 380 - Skypark Plaza near Raleys (530)893-4782
1000 W Sacramento Avenue Ste A (530)342-9777
240 W. East Avenue Ste E (530)894-6779
1947 E 20th Street Ste A (530)343-5803
<s>148 Main Street</s> (moving to a new location)
1398 East Avenue (530)894-8757
1950 E. 20th Street inside Chico Mall (530)894-5470
Varies by location, call for hours
Franchised: locally owned
Payment Method
Cash, credit

Subway is a franchised chain of sandwich shops found throughout the United States and world. Chico is home to six Subway restaurants located throughout town. There are currently locations in south, west and North Chico. Subway closed its location in downtown early January 2009 — perhaps because of all the immediate competition such as Kona's, Beach Hut Deli, and Mr. Pickles Sandwich Shop. Its former location will eventually house Cycle Sport.

Sandwiches come in two sizes, six inch or foot long. You have the option of having the sandwich cold, or having them warm it in the oven for you. In addition, they often try to sell meal deals, which include a side (chips, cookie, etc) and a soda. More recently a push has been made to offer healthier sides, so Subway has added fruit and bottled water to the meal options.

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2009-07-27 02:25:28   The old Quizno's on Mangrove next to Safeway is going to be a Subway. Still under construction/remodel, but signs are already in the windows. —Pietro

2010-06-22 01:26:10   No. Just no. —

2011-09-10 23:37:04   Staff is rude and store is substandard. I found mold floating in my iced tea and when I took it back, the assistant manager said "what do you expect, it sits all day with sugar in the bottom. Here (handing me a new cup) get a soda". I will not trust a Subway again, especially in Chico where I think all of them are owned by the same disinterested owners. —