A parched Lindo Channel off the Lindo Channel Bike Bridge. A better summer bet is Big Chico Creek! Chico is in the Sacramento Valley, where the climate is Mediterranean in nature. This means that Chico is subject to hot summers and wet, cold winters. During the summer. the sun warms the higher latitudes more thoroughly, allowing the Hawaiian High in the Pacific to stay well north. This air mass dominates and prevents the northernly Aleutian low from sweeping into California. But this heat is moderated by a stream of cold water, the California Current, along the coastline. It originates from the Gulf of Alaska. So summers are hot, but not extremely so. The climate is also rarely humid, with few winds at night which can make sleeping without air conditioning difficult, so fans are a must! On occasion, thunderstorms pass through during the night. Daytime temperatures tend to range from 90-100 degrees (and more!), while at night temperatures may drop into the 60s. Record high temperatures for the summer in Chico are well above 110, with an all-time recorded high of 117 in July of 1972! Such high temperatures can create a high potential for wildfires east of Chico. Temperatures tend to reduce by mid-September.


Chico is full of places to get wet during these hot months. Many apartments offer pools to the people living there but there are many public places in which to cool off.


Tubing is a popular activity with Chico State students (Memorial Day Weekend usually attracts many thousands of people). The most common place is the Sacramento River right before the start of Hamilton City. Many local kids avoid the crowds of students on the Sacramento River and opt to go tubing on Butte Creek upstream from the Covered Bridge.


Being as inland as Chico is, the beach is not an option for most people. Luckily, there is a large number of lakes in the area, all of which are significantly closer than the closest ocean beach.


There are many regular events that take place in Chico every summer.

Check out Outdoor Activities for more things to do in the Summer and see the Events Board for other events.

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