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Former Location
1283 East 1st Avenue
Next to In Motion Fitness
Former Owners
Bruce Crowson and Marge Maddux
Business Lifespan
February 1957-November 2007

Terrace Pharmacy was one of the last remaining independent pharmacies in Chico (the last remaining is now Chico Pharmacy). It closed its doors in early November of 2007, ending an era of local personal service that was not rivaled by any of the corporate pharmacies in the area.

Terrace was more than a simple pharmacy. They had a full gift store with trinkets, greeting cards, candy, and more. There was a small post office window in the back, where one could buy stamps and drop mail for delivery. Additionally, this was a place to pay utility bills. This was as full service as a pharmacy could be.

The primary service at Terrace, however, was as a pharmacy. Their beloved pharmacist, Marge, finally opted to retire at 82 when the company closed its doors. She had worked for the company for 42 of its 50 year run.