804 Chestnut Street
Property Owner
Mike Campos
Property Management
Campos Rental Properties
(530) 891-3434
(Name of architect if known here)

The Castle (historically the Sacramento Valley Hospital) is an apartment house on Eighth and Chestnut in the South Campus Neighborhood. It is managed by Campos Rental Properties. The Castle was used as the Newman Center until 1967 when a new Center opened. It was then rented to students by Father Michael Lynch. In 1974, the main house already had a large "The Castle" sign hanging from the porch and was rented for a few years by seven college students who called themselves The Castle Girls. Even in 2014, the "Girls" still reunite in Chico yearly, including visiting The Castle, since the current students usually welcome them in.  The Castle Girls loved using the huge dining room for big dinner parties and disco dancing, and the big 8th Street yard for live local 70's bands such as Prairie Biscuit and Aaron Duncan.

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