Current condition 9/14/2008, Photo by RobinMowery

Sculpture Location
39.753519, -121.941190 (Highway 32)
approx 20 ft tall by 10 ft by 5 ft
• Fiberglass
• Metal
• Wood

The Catfish swims next to a large pond that is tucked behind it in the walnut orchard. The sculpture is at the three mile mark of Highway 32 between Hamilton City and Chico. There are many more works of art tucked away in and around Chico. To find more visit Public Art.

There was at one time a pay-to-fish catfish operation in the pond that the sculpture advertised. A recent internet search turned up indications that the business is no longer there.


2008-09-14 18:38:40   I always wanted to get a picture of that for the wiki. Cool! —RyanMikulovsky

2011-12-09 06:05:37   This was originally an art project at CSU, Chico.


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