Mission Statement
"Offering hospitality in the name of Jesus"
1297 Park Avenue at 13th Street
Former Icehouse Building


Breakfast: 7:30a.m, 7-days a week.

Dinner: 3:00p.m, Monday-Saturday 

Showers (Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays): Men: 7:45-10:30a.m., Women: 1:30-3:30p.m.

Resource Center: (Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays) 9am to 3pm, Wednesdays: 10:30am to 3pm

Free Store: Mondays and Fridays: 9am to 1pm, Wednesdays: 10:30am to 1pm.

(530) 345-2640
Executive Director
Laura Cootsona
Mary Thekston and St. John the Evangelist Episcopal Church
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The Jesus Center (at the site of the former Icehouse) is a non-profit organization, "offering hope and hospitality in the name of Jesus." It has been helping to feed hungry people since 1980. "In response to the complexity of homelessness, hunger and poverty, we work with our community to restore those suffering from isolation to community integration." The center offers breakfast and dinner Monday through Saturday and breakfast only on Sunday mornings.. Showers and grooming are available for men and women. The Resource Center provides access to two Resource Specialists for assistance and referrals, a phone, computers, outside service providers, and the low cost "Cafe Connect." Jesus Center participants also have access three days a week to the "Free Store" and are given $25 credit towards clothing, and other items, in the store. In 2006, the center began handing out meal cards to businesses and citizens of Chico in the hope that those in need will be reminded of the center's accommodations. The Jesus Center is located at 1297 Park Avenue.