PLEASE NOTE: Not to be confused with Regency Apartments at 1620 Neal Dow Avenue.

701 West Fourth Avenue
Property Owner
Dan Ostrander
Property Management
Tanya (rumored to be the daughter of the owner)
Chico College Apartments
(530) 345-0665

The Regency is an apartment on West Fourth Avenue in the Avenues neighborhood. It is managed by Chico College Apartments.  Despite being required to offer recycling per the City of Chico ordinance, the management refuses to offer such service.  Residents should place their collected recyclables on the front lawn for the homeless to pick up.

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2009-02-10 14:49:52   The place is not well run. They advertise that internet access is provided for free, but you can count on it being down about half the time. They take about 5-8 days to make any repairs at all to your place. The stove, washing machine and dryer are all luck of the draw, some are new, most are older than me. They charge $50 for someone to come unclog your garbage disposal. The trash dumpsters are often overflowing, which means that the trash gets piled up around the dumpster, which takes the management a few weeks to deal with. The office has no set office hours, which makes it very tough to get a hold of the managers. They couldn't take worse care of the pool. It's been condemned by the Butte County Office of Health twice in the last two years. The manager is a real jerk when she is there, not helpful, nice or even decent. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY OF ALL - TAKE LOTS OF PICTURES WHEN YOU MOVE IN. THEY WILL TRY TO TAKE EVERY SINGLE PENNY FROM YOUR DEPOSIT WHEN YOU MOVE OUT. IT'S NOT UNCOMMON FOR THEM TO TAKE ALL OF YOUR SECURITY DEPOSIT AND EVEN CHARGE YOU MORE THAN YOU PUT DOWN FOR THE DEPOSIT . Parking is usually ample though. Seriously avoid living here. —

2009-06-26 01:13:21   The previous comment sums up the place pretty well. The owner, Dan Ostrander, has his daughter Tanya run the place and she is one of the worst people I have ever dealt with in my life. She is a control freak to the nth degree. She will go out of her way to make things difficult for you. The security deposit is a joke. Ostrander is nothing short of a robber when it comes to getting your security deposit back. If you do a light cleaning, they'll take all $1,200 and several hundred more. If you scrub the place spotless and leave it cleaner than when you move in, they might only take as little as $1,100. I really can't say enough about how horrible of human beings they are. Do not live here unless they offer to pay you to do so. —

2009-07-14 09:37:29   Wish I had found this site before! We are in the middle of trying to get our security deposit back, what a nightmare. All other post here are absolutely correct. DO NOT LIVE HERE! The guy is a CROOK and does not care about the law! Anyone up for a class action suit? —

2009-08-11 15:31:20   Tanya is not his daughter —

2009-08-19 06:22:03   I have been living at the Regency for two years now and have never had a problem. The office managers have always been friendly and on top of things. I have even recommended friends who live in some of their other properties and they love it too! By the way, Tanya isn't the daughter if the owner....maybe you should get your facts straight before making assumptions??!!! About the cleaning deposit....scrubbing the place clean once doesn't cut it....maybe you should have cleaned more often??? —

2009-12-11 18:41:12   REGENCY 2003-2004 enough said.... —

2010-04-03 01:51:06   We've been living here for 2 years & are planning to stay another year. We LOVE Regency! Robbers? You get money just for resigning & if you refer someone. The free internet is great! & there's a bus stop right out front :) —

2010-04-05 17:38:06   We have been living in Regency for two years and love it. We also signed to live another year. I have never had a problem with the management, in fact they have been nothing but great! I recommend Regency to people all the time. The yard area always is kept up we have yard guys here all the time. I think if your responsible and keep the place clean then you really wouldn't have a problem getting your deposit back. Dan might be a jerk, but Tanya has been nothing but nice to me since day 1. —

2010-07-20 22:58:48   i'm on the fence about the regency, the free internet sucks because everyone gets access and you have to get comcast to have any service. The parking sucks and the trash is a nightmare. I wish they would have informed me that i was ahead in rent i would have been less stressed. I post dated a check and they deposited it two days later after it was clearly marked and in our lease that they will wait till the 15th, Tanya was helpful enough, but i wish i had pushed to have been reimbursed the full amount. They never did a walk through our house, it was very dirty and cleaning took for ever and i am pretty sure we are losing our deposit, its clear they don't do a good enough job on the walk through they guy i moved in with only cleaned the bottom floor and they didn't notice the top floor was never done, we should have taken pictures before the semester started. The fire place was broken and we put in a work order to get it fixed and they never came. The good thing is you can be loud and no one will bother you or call the cops. And tanya is quite helpful and can work with you if you give her a enough time to do so. i would love there again if they did a better job on the walk through. I recommend anyone thinking of living there to walk through yourself and take as many pictures as you can of the entire place and make notes on everything before you clean it yourselves —

2011-10-17 08:58:16   Don't live here...Don't sign any documents...Don't trust these people!!! Dan Ostrander & Tanya are probably some of the biggest crooks in the Property Management business in Chico. They rip off all the college students and their parents. This place is a joke. Looks are deceiving, don't fall for it. Don't say I didn't warn you!!! —