The Skyway is the main road that leads from Chico to nearby Paradise. It follows the ridge past the Tuscan Ridge Golf Club to Paradise. East Park Avenue becomes The Skyway east of Notre Dame Boulevard, bisecting the town and continuing north through Magalia. The Skyway continues onward as a windy mountain road through small towns of Stirling City and Inskip before reaching Butte Meadows.

Lookout Point is located along the Skyway. In the past, people drove their vehicles off into the canyon from the Skyway as it curved. That was eventually prevented by heavy-duty guard rails. Since then, additional measures have been taken. In addition, the Skyway is the road taken to Honey Run Road when visiting the Covered Bridge.

The Humboldt Fire of 2008 closed the Skyway between Chico and Paradise a few times over a several day span, making evacuations difficult for those fleeing the fire.

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