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The Underground — the original store at 325 Main Street

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Former Location
325 Main Street

Bill & Shirley Morris (?)

Dave Scruby


The Underground, located downtown, was a store in a chain of Northern California record stores (home office in Oroville, CA). They buy and sell albums and have an inventory of new music on CD and vinyl, DVDs, and other music-related memorabilia. Most used CDs sell for about $7.99. In addition to music they sell incense and presumably adult-only goods behind a door labeled "The Girls' Room".

The entire chain of "The Underground" record stores closed unexpectedly in June 2008. No official reason was publicly disclosed, however, former employees stated that the owners were forced to file Chapter 11 bankruptcy. In August, Chico's Underground unexpectedly began to move its long sitting stock over to a new location at 167 E. 3rd Street. On Sunday, August the 10th, it appeared that they were just about ready to reopen with a flurry of moving activity. Their new location is significantly smaller; Melody Records likely has more floor space. They existed there as The Underground for a few months but then the shop turned into Headz Up.


2008-08-29 19:00:02   Their original, much larger store, sometimes had the sort of music I like. Once I found an album by The Clientele, brand new and still shrink wrapped, in the used section at a steeply discounted price. Oh what a happy find that was! Whenever I have an itch to lay down $16 for a new album, I leave the store disappointed but happy at the same time ;-). Eclectic music lovers could probably justify a trip to Amoeba Records in San Francisco or Berkeley twice a year and find incredible albums for literally just a couple of bucks each. —RyanMikulovsky

2008-11-26 12:55:35   Store closed down. —

2009-03-20 17:42:44   Did they go out of business? I can't find them on third street!!! —

2009-03-20 17:56:56   Yes they went out of business and were replaced by Headz Up — which is why you could not find them. I think Headz Up still sells music. Unless of course they just closed... —RyanMikulovsky

2009-04-19 14:24:10   Chico Headz Up is located at 167 E. 3rd Street (right under the world-famous Crazy Horse)! We still carry music, movies, posters, smoke and pleasure products, and much much more! —Meggie

2010-04-07 14:31:45   I worked at the Chico store from opening in 1986 to 1988, when I moved down to Tower Records. —Len G. —

2010-05-07 22:26:52   This is a great store!! The owners are friendly and they will order any items at the same prices or cheaper than the other stores.