1253 W. 5th St.
(530) 345-7022
Wall AC

Timber Creek Apartments (more popularly called The Zoo, formerly Jefferson on 5th Street, and Sierra West) offers 4 bedroom apartments. The complex does allow pets with an extra $300 deposit and $10 pet rent. It has had a colorful history of chaotic parties. It has undergone several name and management changes in what has probably been an attempt to rebuild its reputation. It was last Jefferson at 5th Street (up to 2007), and before that, Sierra West Apartments (up to 2004), and "5th Street Manor" (early to mid 80's).

These apartments have the nickname "The Zoo" because historically when the circus would come to town they would set up on the vacant lot called Hahn Field that previously occupied the property. The current exhibit at the Chico Museum has a circus poster which supports the claim. While the central drive of the complex is officially designated Hahn Lane, it has commonly been "Circus" Lane which USPS generally honored as a legitimate street.



Circus Poster on exhibit in the Chico Museum. Photo courtesy of the Chico Museum and the Grace and Arrel Allread Circus Collection. The location is "Hann Field", at Fifth and Oak. Photo courtesy of the Chico Museum and the Grace and Arrel Allread Circus Collection

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2009-07-01 13:52:34   I like the reason that has been adopted —

2010-08-03 23:10:49   great place to live if you are in college —

2011-12-04 12:01:45   I graduated college there in 1990. I never knew that's why it was called The Zoo. I just assumed it was only because of the sheer quantity of college students living there and parties. What do you know? —

2012-04-19 08:23:24   The Zoo had an unofficial rule: On odd nights, the left hand side of the complex would host the parties. On even nights, the right hand side would host the parties. I'll never forget some of those crazy times back in the late 80s. —