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Former Location
215 Main St., Chico, CA
Former Owners
Operations Manager was Lynn Brown
Business Lifespan

Tower Records used to occupy the space next to the oldPluto's, where Anika Burke and Little Red Hen Vintage are now in downtown. They were liquidated with the rest of the nation's Tower Records in winter of 2007. Tower had many weeks of sales, with discounts increasing the closer to closing time. During the last remaining weeks, a couple of people could be seen hawking the liquidation by holding signs on downtown street corners.

Until early 2000, there used to be a Tower Books in the place of Tower "Used", the half of the Tower Records store that focused on used music and videos.

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2010-08-18 13:35:48   There was also a second (smaller) Tower location in Chico in the early 90's (and perhaps beyond). To the best of my recollection, it was located on East 20th across the street from the "new" mall. —