801 East Avenue #110
in the North Valley Plaza
Daily 9:00am-9:00pm
December 2005
Payment Method

Cash, Credit/Debit, Check, EBT, WIC

Trader Joe's is a chain of specialty grocery stores with a location in North Chico that came to town with much anticipation. It was on the wish list of many in Chico who were familiar with the chain. It did not come without some controversy, though, as many feared that the large chain would take business away from local stores such as S&S Produce and Chico Natural Foods.

They are known for having relatively low prices for their own house brand items. For example, their private label Charles Shaw wine sells for $2 per bottle, and has earned itself the nickname "Two Buck Chuck" as a result. In addition to groceries and beverages, they have some household goods such as cleaning supplies, hygiene products, and supplements.


2009-06-20 21:06:15   Their various Indian and rice pouches are most excellent for camping cold or hot (warmed near a fire or boiled in water). Also, they sell Clif bars at 99 cents a pop — Save Mart sells them for $1.50 and don't have near the variety. Wow. Can't beat 1L of Olive Oil for $4.99 either! —RyanMikulovsky