Butte College is a major source of transfer students, especially to Chico State. But many are accepted and choose other campuses across the State.

Transferring CSU and CSU Chico

The community college has an important relationship with Chico State. Because the University has a diverse engineering program, Butte College in turn has a particularly large mathematics department. Lectures include Analytic Geometry and Calculus III, differential equations, discrete mathematics, and linear algebra 1.

CSUC at times will waive certain prerequisite classes when there are similar equivalents available.

Butte College offers classes tailored specifically for transferring 4-year CSU students, such as nutrition, health, and education in US government and history. The college also provides classes that count towards ethnic studies and non-western studies. In fact, every student transferring to CSU must have one class in each of those categories. This requirement may also count towards other study area requirements.

To understand what courses will transfer into the CSU system for a 4-year degree, take a look at http://www.assist.org. It is important to speak with a transfer counselor to ensure a smooth transition.

Transferring to University of California

Butte Community College has many programs that will transfer to the UC system. UC Davis provides a Transfer Admission Agreement to those students at the college that wish to be guaranteed transfer. This agreement is a contract that spells out precisely what the student must do in order to be admitted — and that means some surprises during the transfer process can be eliminated2.

Unlike the CSU system, some University of California campuses (UC Berkeley's College of Letters & Science, for example) require two college semesters worth of a foreign language. However, three years of High School foreign language courses with no less than a C- in the third year is considered equivalent3. Butte College has a number of foreign language courses for those that do not meet the requirements. They include French, Spanish, Japanese and Latin.

To understand what courses will transfer into the UC system for a 4-year degree, review http://www.assist.org. It is important to consult a transfer counselor to make sure you meet all requirements and to ensure a smooth and timely transfer.


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