Remnant of the old Troutman's department store sign

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Former Location
1922 East 20th Street
Chico Mall
Former Owners
Dallas Troutman (Eugene, OR)
Business Lifespan

Troutman's Emporium (simply called "Troutman's" within the state of California due to legal restrictions on the use of "Emporium") was a small family-owned chain of department stores in the Western United States. Chico was home to the only store within the entire state of California (which was the southernmost in the company), although they owned more than thirty stores in Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Nevada. The company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2002, attempted to restructure, and ultimately went out of business in 2003, liquidating all assets and closing all stores. Former interior mall entrance for Troutman's

Troutman's was often seen as more of an "old people's store" than a trendy place to shop by young people. This may be due to the fact that they tended to carry more mature styles of clothing and had senior discount day twice a week. They were an extremely customer-service based company, offering their customers free gift wrapping on anything bought in the store (year round, although it was especially popular during the holidays), free basic alterations, and free special orders. The shoe department was also known to not only retrieve the requested size for the customer, but to actually slip it onto your foot. Some found this to be a charming throwback to old times, others found it slightly uncomfortable.

Furniture Depot once occupied the space in the mall that once housed Troutman's (although they only used half of it for their sales area to customers). For a brief time that spot was also used for a spa/pool store, as well as a seasonal Halloween store. Because Troutman's was in the spot for fifteen years, the outline from old lettering on the outside of the building can still be seen.

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