The rules of Upper Park, found just beyond the gate on Upper Park Road Upper Park Road is the road that leads from Wildwood Avenue up to the swimming holes (such as Bear Hole and Salmon Hole) of Upper Bidwell Park. It passes by the Bidwell Park Golf Club, a North Rim Trail parking lot, the entrance to Five Mile Recreation Area, Kiwanis Chico Community Observatory, and Horseshoe Lake. The road is nicely paved and full of speed bumps until just past the lake and continues as a gravel road that is not advisable for any cars that are not suitable for driving off paved roadways (but this doesn't deter many). Biking is common along this road as well, so if you are in a car, be aware of those you are sharing the road with (and bikes, be aware of cars too!). The gate up to the swimming holes is closed after sunset, so do not find yourself stuck on the wrong side after hours. The end of the road is a small cul-de-sac where it may be difficult to turn the car around if people have parked there. It's a bit of a journey.

The gate to the swimming holes on Upper Park Road is closed on Sundays and Mondays.