An archive of comments received on my user page prior to my mid-2011 return to Chico. Enjoy!

2008-01-19 18:10:42   Hey... what the heck is a wiki????

This is Natalie by the way :) —

2008-03-01 15:50:53   If this truly <begin italics> were <end italics> a creative commons wiki, with input and editing privileges for all, I'd be able to edit your profile. Curious to see what I'd write? I'm curious to see what Admin feels like... —AdamCreighton

2008-03-04 09:20:41   We should have written down somewhere how we were going to attack Butte College pages :-) Was I on the right track changing to "Butte College *"? —RyanMikulovsky

2008-03-04 19:26:23   Awesome gnoming! It's those big sweeps that are intimidating to many people but really improve wikis. —JabberWokky

2008-03-07 18:41:04   Around this time every year, you can see Stacey celebrating a decision two other people made, about two and a half decades ago—nine months before there was a she. —

2008-04-03 22:43:27   How about a luscious sponge cake! But really, fantastic work. It's pretty amazing how much you've done in just the last week. Wow! —RyanMikulovsky

2008-05-11 20:30:32   uh-oh, looks like someone's making a cake soon... —RyanMikulovsky

2008-05-16 00:04:02   For the help on editing pages, you might just want to start with the pages I completely rewrote to eliminate Engrish. —BrentLaabs

2008-05-18 11:27:09   Time for Tres Leches Cake. —RyanMikulovsky

2008-05-18 23:36:15   Thanks for the tip Stacey! Yep, KC tipped me off, so I thought I'd help out :) —RyanSanders

2008-05-20 20:34:00   thanks for the warm welcome. I am originally from Napa, and moved to chico in early 2007 to attend chico state. —slammin211s

2008-07-06 17:52:56   Thanks for the help Stacey. Yes, it was me that uploaded the "fire Crew on Centerville Road" photo the other day. I'm a little awkward with all of this. I'll have to do a little more research on the "how-tos" of all of this before it add anything more. It's a great website. Bernice —

2008-07-17 21:06:10   I am wondering if there is some way to keep the map feature for former buildings. Perhaps just specifying a street name or intersection? It will take me forever to go through that list I compiled. If there are any that you would like me to prioritize, just let me know. Be well, —GregBard

2008-07-27 10:16:20   Thanks for the heads up on my wikispot/chicowiki profile confusion, and thanks for working so hard on this wiki! —jonodavis

2008-09-03 11:14:46   Thanks for whatnotting that entry. I just caught the template rewrite. —JabberWokky

2008-10-12 10:27:26   Hey Stacy, I don't know how to tell you this, but the whole "riot" thing is a propaganda production of the police and the ER. There never was a riot of any kind until the police tactics changed in 1987. We don't have to help these evil people demonize the young people in this town. Its their own disrespect and ignorance of human nature that causes these problems... not groups of young people who mostly just want to have a good time with no trouble. -GB —GregBard

2009-04-08 15:41:27   gold star for the day! —RyanMikulovsky

2009-05-06 15:52:46   Thanks for the comment, sorry I'm tardy with a response. I am very glad to see the chicowiki growing after how valuable it was to me in Davis. How are you liking Davis by the way? I know quite a few grad students at UCD, but never a geography one before :) —JohnNash

2009-05-06 21:24:24   Thanks, I have a very good teacher, she is great. —marthawetter

2009-05-08 13:44:21   Ah yes, UCD can be quite a bit different in that regard. Most of the grad students I know are either in Poli Sci or the Spanish department, with a few scattered in different departments. What building is geography based in? The Death Star would be my first guess. If you ever need any recommendations for places to live (or not for that matter), let me know, I spent almost 6 years there, two after I graduated, so I am pretty familiar with it still. —JohnNash

2009-05-11 08:57:34   Interesting. I knew Walker had been used but I guess I never thought to ask for what. I had been in there a few times, doing the whole exploring thing. I had a lot of classes in Hunt, which on the bottom floor there, were very tiny and for some reason, always at 8 AM. For some reason I seem to recall hearing the geography program was being discontinued while I was there, but I honestly cannot recollect why or how. Though I had no idea how large of a grad program they had, that is amazing. I always did enjoy the death star. The easiest way to get around it is to pick out the tall spire of stairs and then remember your compass points. It becomes easier somehow that way, but I won't lie, I did come face to face with a wall from time to time. It's a great time killer to sit there and watch in the middle of the day as all the new poli sci and history kids look in futility for their offices. I just moved to Chico in December, though I have been coming up for about 2 years, so the town isn't brand new to me. I have always found it important to get to know the town I live in fast (ie why I love wikis) so I have picked up on it greatly. But any of your knowledge I will gladly take! —JohnNash

2009-05-12 13:49:56   Holy crap, you weren't kidding about deciding to over haul the events —JohnNash

2009-05-13 07:36:28   Well, good news is, the Silver Dollar Fair comments show people pay attention to second page search results on Google! —RyanMikulovsky

2009-05-14 17:56:29   Does the event page move forward automatically or do we need to clear every date that passes? As of now, May 13th is still listed. —JohnNash

2009-05-14 18:46:10   Well I am glad for that, I'd probably remember at first and then look back and have missed a few weeks. Oh well. Thanks for backing up all my new pages with your gnome skills ;) —JohnNash

2009-05-16 10:00:17   thanks for back-reverting recent changes. I hadn't had my coffee yet and thought the recent changes tab would let me revert the front page ;-) Lesson learned. I hate vandals. —RyanMikulovsky

2009-05-17 21:20:14   Great job finding the truth behind the Miller Mansion and related pages! That is what wikis are all about! I wonder what next should be looked at closely. —RyanMikulovsky

2009-05-18 21:58:13   Re:Jake's and several others...

You don't have to delete those redirects. If someone wants to expand one, nothing is stopping that. However, if you delete them, that is one less link for people.

I think it is better to leave the historical name as part of the article unless there is an actual article written already. No one will ever write an article about "Beer and Liquor World" as opposd to Sierra Market, for instance.


2009-05-19 15:14:12   Ah I kept meaning to ask about the wiki links, keeps slipping my mind. Thanks for reading it before it was lost forever. I had no idea about the me link either, that's pretty nifty, because I definitely forget it, usually once per edit ;) —JohnNash

2009-06-03 14:03:24   Looks good to me, if I think of anything, Ill add it on :) —JohnNash

2009-08-04 20:00:24   Hi Stacey! Thanks for the warm welcome and help with editing. :) —Pietro

2009-09-22 16:16:56   I fixed your geeksquad page info for you. —

2009-09-22 16:17:02   I fixed your geeksquad page info for you. —

2010-04-23 16:33:33   The events board is not allowing me to post. It says that an account is necessary, even tho' I am logged in. —GregBard

2010-09-30 01:07:21   How do you like Davis? —StevenDaubert

  • Davis is pretty good. I've been in the area four years (the last two in Davis, the two before that in Woodland), so I'm certainly settled in and at home. It's actually surprisingly similar to Chico, just a bit smaller with more students. I'm wondering what got you over to Chico Wiki, Daubert? —StaceyEllis

2010-10-12 10:28:10   Greetings Stacy,

At some point I accidentally removed myself as admin on the facebook group. I think someone needs to make some periodic announcements to the 50 or so fans. I moved out of town recently, and I am wondering if there are any feet on the ground in Chico working on it at all. I'm just glad I took a bunch of pictures before I left. I moved to Florida, so these days I'm working on the Space Coast Wiki and the Treasure Coast Wiki. —GregBard

  • Hey Greg! I saw your back and forth with JabberWokky and was surprised to see that you'd left Chico. Sorry to see you go, as we've been losing the regulars slowly but surely. RyanMikulovsky is in Davis and now you're in Florida, not to mention that I haven't lived in Chico at all in the time I've been involved in the wiki. We had some come and go, few have stuck around long. So, unfortunately, no one on the ground these days. I'm not involved in the Facebook group (until about a month ago I wasn't even on Facebook at all - and until you just mentioned it I forgot there even was a Facebook group), so I can't do much about that. I can ask Ryan about the Facebook group next time I see him. Good luck in Florida and good luck with those wikis! —StaceyEllis

2011-01-21 00:53:15   hey girl its your long lost friend rachelle slade well now I am rachelle witherell hey I need to tell you something SHE IS KIND OF BIG hahahha no just kidding I hopeu remember me find me on facebook under rachelle witherell or Love to hear from you —

2011-03-26 09:38:32   i have a few old pics from when i worked at Fun World in 1985 if you want me to scan them. —

2011-05-06 21:50:15   this is stupid like you! —