Walker House (Butte County Illustrated). From Chico State's Meriam Library Special Collections archive. (MLSC) Walker House in July of 2008

702 West Third Street
Also 248 Ivy Street
Property Owner
(Name of Property Owner or Manager here)
(Name of architect if known here)

The Walker House is a brick house in the South Campus Neighborhood which was listed in the National Register of Historic Places as contributing to the South Campus Historic District in 1991. It is located at the corner of West Third Street and Ivy Street. It is the former residence of Jefferson Walker. He owned a brick yard, and built the residence in 1875. Walker's company also built the Phoenix Building and the old Chico High School.1 The house is diagonally across from the Crosette House.

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2008-07-15 18:57:03   The second photo (Walker House II) [doesn't] seem to have much resemblance to the other two depictions. Is it a different Walker house or from some angle that I've been unable to see in the real world? —RyanMikulovsky

  • The [formerly] second photo can be found as image "sc19461_gp.jpg" at the MLSC website. The caption reads "Home on 3rd & Ivy. Still Standing #10 glass plate negative." Interestingly enough there is also a second view of the same house in image "sc19481_gp.jpg". I will post it here. This is what I like about wiki. We can get the story straight eventually. It may be that it underwent a remodel, or perhaps this is the Crosette House?
  • The second photo was the Knapp House, which was also located at Third and Ivy. I have removed it. -GB


1. But this is Chico, too: Thick as a brick