Welcome to the Wiki! This is intended to be a primer to people who are new to the Wiki to get a handle on what goes on here. Basically, we're a community working together to create and compile anything and everything about Chico — especially the little, enjoyable things. We're still a relatively young wiki, but we're glad to have you as a part of it!

This entire site is maintained by the people who use it: anyone can edit this website. Although you do not need to sign up for an account, it is encouraged so the community can get to know you. There are many other people all doing the same thing, all generally friendly and eager to help. We would love for you to join us.

We hope you will enjoy being a part of the wiki community. Here are some helpful hints that we've found useful for new members:

  1. We are all still learning how to make this the best wiki for Chico possible. Please join us in discussion.

  2. When editing... Please Remember to Preview

  3. Get help on editing and check out Recent Changes

  4. Don't feel like you have to create a whole new entry with your first edit. Many editors contribute by doing the tiny fixes and grooming of existing entries. You too can be a Wiki Gnome.

  5. The Importance of using your RealName cannot be underestimated.

  6. When you leave a review or comment keep in mind that it will reflect on you as much as on the business or other page you are reviewing.

  7. Unlike other wikis (such as Wikipedia), the goal is not to present a Neutral Point of View, but rather to reflect that in our community there are differing opinions and viewpoints.

Thanks to our friends at Davis Wiki for the inspiration for this entry!