Wired! Cafe just after it opened January, 2008.

Cashless India
Butte College Campus Center
By the second floor elevator.
Please fill in hours
(530) ?
Names of owners/proprietors here
Spring 2008
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Wired! Cafe is Butte College's own coffee house. The cafe opened for business for the Spring 2008 semester. They brew their coffee using a variety of beans from Cal Java Coffee Roasters and coffee is self-serve. Furthermore they sell fresh pastries and have wireless Internet access. In fact, Wired! Cafe has three Apple computer terminals and one Windows XP-based computer that students are free to use. A flat-panel television is mounted on a wall, which is helpful for those that need a diversion. Prices are similar to Starbucks with a regular coffee costing $1.55, the next size up at $1.75 and the largest at $1.95. Interestingly enough, their drip coffee is not served anywhere else on campus — instead you'll find Farmer Brothers Coffee. They offer free soy and other typical mix-ins at a counter nearby to the drip coffee.

Blended frappes, smoothies, mochas, and chai tea latte are part of their specialty drink lineup. If you prefer cafe snacks over what's offered at the dining center, they often have pitas with hummus, hard boiled eggs, tarts, cinnamon rolls, veggie wraps, and bagels with assorted cream cheese flavors.

Wired! Cafe is operated by Butte College Dining Services and is staffed by students.

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2009-02-12 09:01:42   Wired! Cafe is certainly the best place on campus to get coffee, and the fact they use Cal Java Coffee beans for their drip is great. But there is just something off about the coffee. For example, the Vanilla Almond flavor (their "most popular flavor") lacks the aroma and taste found at Cal Java store locations. Not sure why! The cafe needs to solve the backpack bottle-neck as well. The self-serve coffee is right next to the cash register and immediately adjacent to the cream/sugar/insulator/cap table. So when people get their soy milk (free) and turn their coffee into candy (I drink coffee black as a moonless night, to quote a certain Special Agent), t heir bags bump into the coffee and blocks access. The same is true when people access coffee — their bags get in the way of those trying to get cream and sugar. I suggest the cream, etc., be located on a different wall. —RyanMikulovsky

2009-02-20 09:18:38   Wired! Cafe just had a rearrangement and now there is no longer the bottle next described in my above comment. I can get coffee now without bumping into those that like tainting their drinks with cream and sugar. Yay! By the way, I do highly recommend getting the House blend (CJ's blend) as it really tastes great. —RyanMikulovsky