1330 Locust Street
and on city streets near you
(530) 893-4444 (dispatch)
(530) 893-4063 (fax)
Ed Ort
prior to 1947
Payment Method
Cash, Visa/MC at Driver's Discretion
Yellow Cab of Chico is Chico's oldest cab company. They operate 24 hours a day so they're available to serve you in a safe and expeditious manner when you are going from having-a-good-time to having-a-good-time or if you are in a jam. You don't always have to call for a cab if there's one available to flag down. If desired, an account can be setup with the company by contacting the office.

Yellow Cab of Chico's fare rates are pretty competitive. There is a $5 minimum and a $2.50 pick up charge. They charge $2.50/mile and $35/hour waiting time. They will deliver pre-ordered items starting at $10.


2008-12-17 01:20:09   Im looking for Ed Ort, (Ediquette),who used to be close buddies with Andrew White, steve Hornsey, and Miles.( The Wheelchair Guys ) This is Eric ( Erradicus). I'll contact you later with an Email adress. —

2008-12-17 10:14:03   Your best bet is to call the office number listed above some time in the 5 o'clock shift change hour on Th, F, or Sat. This website, ChicoWiki, is not affiliated with Yellow Cab at all. It's just an encyclopedia entry. -GB —GregBard