An anonymous user is one that edits the Chico Wiki without a User Name. Such users can be identified on Recent Changes by appearing as only an IP Address. An IP Address is a special, public set of numbers assigned to a computer or sometimes an entire network (IP Masquerading).

Anonymous users generally do not contribute regularly but often make a small one-time contribution of important details. This is why the Chico Wiki allows anonymous users: without them, the wiki in its current form would be seriously handicapped. However, at times, anonymous users can make the wiki an unpleasant environment with unpleasant and unfair comments or wrecking general havoc on pages. Thus anonymous users are difficult to trust because of a small minority of people. Editors with usernames can be contacted on their user page easily in order to resolve such behaviors; with anonymous users there is no good way to do that.

However, if you are an anonymous user, and want to regularly contribute, please create a free account using your RealName.