Bro is a derogatory term used to describe 17-30 year old's that enjoy drinking Keystone, riding in trucks, playing beer pong, and harshing people's mellow in Upper Park. They are known to engage in many of the activities listed above while shirtless. However, many use bro as a term of endearment but it is also often used as a replacement for "how are you doing?" or simply giving thanks. Examples of this are "hey bro", "sup bro?", and "thanks bro!".

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2008-12-16 21:06:16   Sadly it is true. If your a bro, don't dust pedestrians and bicyclists on the upper park road. And if you can carry the Keystone cans when they are full, I know you can carry them when they are empty. —

2009-01-15 11:03:34   I think these Fraternity-type guys are more affectionately known as douche-bags, or DBs for short. —

2009-01-16 10:25:06   This article makes me laugh every time: Gotta love the Onion! —DavidStillman

  • Ha! Thanks, David! I forgot about that gem!!! —StaceyEllis

2009-05-01 22:42:14   dude sic bro —


  • I think after they remodeled in early 2009, it became way more broly! —RyanMikulovsky