810 West First Avenue
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Casa Alegre Apartments are apartments on West First Avenue in the Avenues neighborhood.

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2011-08-29 19:25:38   Unless the ownership and management finally cleaned the place up, and got rid of all the undesirables living there, the place is a hell-hole. Lots of drug use, lots of chaos addicts living there, with all their friends coming over and hanging out (people with tweeky little nick names, dressed like evil clowns...). During my tenancy, I had a parolee, a probationer with a violent record, another ex-felon who billed himself as a sort of acid-head guru, all as roommates. The thing is, that unless you have a group of people dwelling in a unit and sharing the same lease, they rent you an available room. So, while you're living there, you could one day walk through the front door, and—voila—there's this yo-yo sitting in the living room introducing himself as your new roommate. When I lived there, it seemed as if the cops were continually at the address, dealing with one problem or another. Somehow I get that the apartment building—and the neighboorhood that it's in—was originally addressed to a student population. This no longer seems to be the case. West 1st Ave. itself is a pretty hoakey area—lots of no-goodniks and people on welfare, and the sort of maladies that their presence engenders. The rent's cheap, though, and they're obviously not overly choosy about who they rent to. Move there if you must, if only to have a place to stay while you look elsewhere. Keep your wits about you. Good luck... —