The Midway between Chico and Durham with bikepath on far left. Formerly Highway 99E

The Midway is a road that leads from Chico to the nearby community of Durham. It is one of only a few roads that directly lead to Durham. It is a narrow and windy road that can be picturesque but dangerous if driven unsafely. The Midway is accessible from South Chico and begins where Park Avenue takes a turn to the east (continue straight rather than turning and you are on the Midway). The Midway Bike Path parallels the road beginning at East 20th Street — it replaced the Sacramento Northern Railway which used to run through the middle of town. Eventually the Union Pacific Railroad meets up with the Midway on the way into Durham.

During the spring, driving the Midway can be quite beautiful, as parts of it are surrounded by almond trees in bloom. While breathtaking to behold, it can also be an allergy sufferer's nightmare. Later in the spring the walnut trees along the Midway flower, also causing allergy headaches for many.

What is "Midway" mid-way in between anyway? Many people believe that it is so named because it is mid-way in between Highway 99 and the railroad tracks. While this is physically true for much of its length today, Highway 99 wasn't always to the east of midway. It was the Midway! It is named "Midway" after the Midway which is the name of the main walkway of a festival or circus.