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What's a better name for a bookstore than The Bookstore? Simple and to the point. This used bookstore in downtown Chico is known for many things. Squeaky floors may be one of them, but also a huge selection of books in every imaginable subject area. You name it, they most likely have it. If you haven't taken the time to wander in and look around, you have quite possibly missed an incredible opportunity. They add hundreds of titles to the shelves every week, so each trip can feel like visiting a whole new store. The prices are reasonable and the selection awesome!

The Bookstore often places in the top three for "Best Bookstore" in the Chico News & Review's Best of Chico awards, although is generally beaten out for the top spot by the international chain Barnes & Noble.


2010-10-13 20:43:55   I used to like going in there a lot when I lived in Chico, fall '96 through all of '99. I wasn't very well liked by the staff, though, because I wasn't a big spender there. Not at all. What made it worse was that I'd often have this backpack with me. Sometimes they wouldn't say anything and let me walk around with it (although they'd conspicuously keep and eye on me. Other times they'd make a big show of telling me that backpacks stayed up front. If any of you guys are reading this, I'm the guy with the long dishwater blonde hair and the Harry Potter glasses. And I never walked out of there with anything I didn't pay for. It wouldn't have been worth it to risk getting eighty-sixed from there, anyway. Looking back on my Chico experience in general, I think I alienated a lot of people with my appearance and demeanor. The last time I was passing through Chico, in the fall of '04, I purchased a Dover edition of L.A. Waddell's exhaustive study of Tibetan Buddhism. I still have it, but I haven't read it yet. I keep meaning to, one of these days, along with hundreds of other books I've been accumilating. Oh, I read the books I buy; it's just that I accumilate them at a faster rate than I'm able to read them. Anyway, of course their books are overpriced, as books in such places tend to be. I'm used to going to library book sales and walking out of there with bags and boxes full of awesome books—many of them never befored opened—that I paid half of nothing for. My home is a small library. —