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The Lake View Cemetery is situated in three cities: Cleveland, Cleveland Heights, and East Cleveland (and thus must pay taxes for all three cities). Founded in 1869, the cemetery spans 285 acres and includes the graves and mausoleums of several famous people including President Garfield, John Rockefeller, Jeptha Wade,  and Eliot Ness, the leader of The Untouchables (a beer is also named after him at Great Lakes Brewing Company). 

The large cemetery houses several buildings and monuments including a community mausoleum, the Garfield Memorial, the Lake View Cemetery Dam, and a chapel in honor of Jeptha Wade. The interior of this chapel was entirely designed by Louis Comfort Tiffany and his artists including an original Tiffany stained glass window. There are also several species of trees in the cemetery including four Moses Cleveland trees, which are said to have existed when the City's founder landed in the region. Other trees of interest include various Japanese Maples, Chinese Gingko, redwoods, and weeping hemlock.

The Mayfield Road extrance to Lake View Cemetery.

One of several weeping hemlocks in the cemetery.