What do you know about Neighborhoods in Concord?

The city of Concord is made up of a couple different areas that each have their distinctive personalities.  A lot of people who visit our city only really come for the shopping, and this contributes to its perception as a place that doesn't have a lot of unique character.  Usually this is because they're only either riding through on BART, or dropping by either the Sun Valley Mall or one of the other shopping districts.  Yes, they're boring.  We know and that's why a lot of people who live here don't ever go there.

This is a basic rundown of the neighborhoods:

  • Colony Park - This is a quiet residential area that lies near the Walnut Creek border north of Treat Boulevard and west of Oak Grove Road. It's convenient to the Pleasant Hill BART station and lots of shopping.
  • Claycord - This is the area that sits on the border of Concord and Clayton.
  • Clayton Valley Highlands - This is the part of the city that's in the southeast with the state streets (some street names are Delaware, Michigan, Washington, etc.)  It's just to the east of Cal State East Bay's campus.
  • Ellis Lake - Did you know there is a lake in Concord?  It's not much of a lake, but someone decided to name it a lake and not a pond and people decided to humor them.  This is a neighborhood full of apartment complexes.  Park n Shop Plaza is in the Ellis Lake neighborhood, and it's walking distance from BART and Todos Santos.
  • Farm Bureau - The name is deceptive.  It's a pretty densely packed part of the city.
  • Four Corners - This is a primarily Latino neighborhood centered around the intersection of Monument Boulevard and Oak Grove Road.
  • Holbrook - This is the neighborhood where Pixieland is, the amusement park for very young kids.  
  • Inner Lime Ridge - There are some very nice houses here, and it's also got some good trails for hiking.  
  • LandanaLocated on the far eastern end of Concord, the Landana neighborhood is a typical California middle-class residential neighborhood with kind of a "built in the 70s" feel to it.  It's where the Concord High School is located.  There's a Starbucks, grocery stores and all that sort of stuff.  Driving around here, you frequently see a lot of foot-traffic such as people shopping or going to church, kids with book bags or riding bicycle sand that sort of thing.  
  • North Concord - This part of town has its own BART station, a bunch of warehouses and some government buildings.  It's not very attractive.
  • San Miguel - This is the neighborhood that's south of Concord BART more towards the Walnut Creek border.  It's actually a “Census Designated Place” not technically part of Concord proper.  It's a real hodgepodge of stuff.  There are several light industrial parks here, the BART repair yard, a bunch of corporate offices, some shopping plazas, a spattering of condominiums and two large trailer parks.
  • Todos Santos - This is the part of Concord most people will recognize if they see a picture of it.  It's one of the oldest parts of town and has a distinctive Spanish look to the architecture.  There's a town green in the center of the plaza lined by little shops and restaurants.  
  • Turtle Creek - This neighborhood is on the far side of the Cal State East Bay campus from Claycord.  It's an attractive and well-manicured part of Concord that resembles part of nearby Walnut Creek.