What do you know about Pizza Places in Concord?

The best pizza place in Concord is Skipolini's.  Their location is in Todos Santos, across from the Brendan Theater.  Skipolini's is known for their Prego Pizza and for making a pretty good vegan pizza (although I don't know why they bother because if you cared how food tastes you clearly wouldn't be a vegan).  A rival for the title of best pizza in town is Bambino's which also has its heathen adherents.  Of course there are a bunch of chain pizza places in town and some other independent places, and while they don't necessarily have the long local history and high reputation of Skipolini's or Bambino's, many are quite good.

Here's a directory of pizza places in town.  

New York Pizza. 4743 Clayton Rd # (925)-686-9923

Bambino's Pizza  1895 Farm Bureau Rd (925) 687-6363

California Pizza Kitchen. 380 Sun Valley Mall (925)-681-0590

Papa John's Pizza 4669 Clayton Rd.  (925) 691-7272

Skipolini's 2001 Salvio St (925) 680-6888 This is the one you probably want.  Seriously.