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Strip malls, grocery stores, fast food restaurants, electronics megastores, and all other manner of American consumerism are readily available; following any major street will inevitably lead to some sort of shopping area.

  • Sunvalley Mall, (located off of I-680 along Willow Pass road), [12]Concord's lone mega-mall caters to all manner of teenage fashion fantasies as well as the appliance fetishes of middle-aged women and shopping phobias of middle-aged men. The main area is two stories with escalators, stairs, and a large glass elevator. The main stores are Lucille's BBQ, BJ'S, Macy's, Forever 21 and H&M.  In front of the elevator is a lounge area which is also used for live entertainment and the annual Christmas Santa event.
  • Willows Shopping Center, (located near the Willows Pass Rd exit from I-680), [13]While not quite the labyrinth of Sunvalley, the Willows is an outdoor mall featuring REI, Old Navy, Claim Jumper & Pier 1 Imports. Most of the shops that don't face the parking lot have closed.
  • Half Price Books1935 Mount Diablo Street (925) 288-9060,  A Concord branch of the famous Berkeley bookstore, right on Todos Santos plaza.  
  • Phoenix Games4425 Treat Boulevard,  (925) 682-4263 ‎The local classic video game store has the latest games alongside games as old as the Atari 2600, as well as systems and accessories. They take trade-ins as well. Products can be returned within one month if defects are discovered.  
  • Black Diamond Games, 1950 Market St, Concord (925)681-0600  This is Concord's friendly local game store.
  • Fry's Electronics, 1695 Willow Pass Rd 1695 (925)852-3000
  • Farmer's Market in Todos Santos, on Tuesdays 10 -2 and Thursdays 4 - 8.  See their Facebook page for details.