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General About

Cafe Retro is a non-profit, all volunteer-run cafe whose profits are invested directly into various project in India and Africa. Founded in 2004, Cafe Retro is in the heart of Copenhagen, located in Indre By, and is easily accessible from some of Copenhagen's most notable attractions (such as Christiansborg or the National Museum of Denmark).

The cafe serves coffee, beer, and wine, mixed drinks, and snacks such as cake or nachos. The interior is renown for being "hygge." The cozy and comfortable atmosphere is a popular destination for students and elderly alike. 

On top of the food and drinks, the cafe hosts concerts, art exhibits, and various other events throughout the year. 

In 2010, a sister cafe opened on Jægersborggade with the same name. 


What makes Cafe Retro unique is that all service is provided through volunteering. Whether it's the bartenders or those who arrange music concerts, around 100 volunteers ensure the Cafe functions.

People from all walks of life can volunteer for various positions at Cafe Retro. There are five teams that one can apply to volunteer for. They include: The Bar Team, The PR Team, The Event Team, The Art Team, and The Music Team. 



1. AOK, Cafe Retro 29 Jan. 2015.

2. Cafe Retro 29 Jan. 2015. .